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“That architecture is all the stuff I spent ten years ranting on this blog about, but y’all don’t listen, so I’m just going to have to build company after company that runs my own wacky operating system, and eventually you’ll catch on. It’s OK to put people first. You don’t have to be a psychopath or work people to death or create heaps of messy code or work in noisy open offices.”

Joel Spolsky

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

– Michael Scott

“The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination. Few media of creation are so flexible, so easy to polish and rework, so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures.”

– Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month

Foobit Explained


Foobit is all about taking a simple, classic game mechanic and tweaking it here and there to bring it into the 21st century without breaking the fundamental gameplay that made it so special the first time around.  


In Foobit, your job is to guide a creature called a Foo around the play area in the search of “Bits”.  You control the Foo by touching the screen in the direction that you want the Foo to move in.  As you collect Bits, your Foo grows in size and you earn more and more points.  There is a specific number of Bits to collect for each level and as you progress you unlock more game features, achievements and new modes.    The ultimate goal however, is that coveted 1st place on the global online leaderboards!

Notable Highlights

  1. Orbits (see below) is the main new gameplay feature to be aware of (but there are many more).

  2. You can perform tricks such as “Near Miss”, “Headbutt” and “Straightforward”.

  3. You can play 11 new mini games! Don’t miss “Lost in Mutation" and "Speed Freak

  4. The game features leaderboards and achievements via Google Play Game Services.


The main addition to the classic gameplay is the introduction of Orbits.  When you successfully collect a Bit, an Orbit will appear onscreen and quickly expand outwards then slowly diminish.  If you can reach another Bit before the Orbit disappears altogether, then another Orbit appears and the first Orbit is extended, creating a chain and earning you more points in the process!

As you generate more and more chains your Zen Level will increase.  The Zen level affects the appearance of the game, changing the background color to make the player feel the effect of playing well.  The Zen Levels are as follows: Shiro, Kiiro, Ao, Midori and Aka.  If you play well enough to reach Aka, you earn an extra life.

The Long Game

When you play Foobit for the first time, there is only one mode called ‘The Long Game’.  In this mode, you play a series of 10 levels, collecting the required amount of bits before progressing to the next level.  As you make progress, you unlock features such as new difficulty levels and new play modes.  There are 11 separate play modes in the game (explained below).

In the Long Game, you start out with three lives and you lose a life if you hit a body part or a rock bit (see below).


When you tap on the screen to change direction, if you hold down you will boost, allowing you to reach Bits much faster and therefore increasing your chances of chaining Orbits.  Also, while you are boosting you are invincible, so it’s possible to “ZAP” rock bits to earn points and then there is Slicing…


As your Foo grows in size, it will gain Strands and for each Strand you get a score multiplier.  But what happens when you get too long and fill up the play area altogether?

In Foobit, when you collide with your body, you don’t die - instead you lose a life.  So if your Foo is getting too long you always have the option of trading a life to continue playing.  But there is another option.  If you boost, you become invincible and then you can SLICE through your body without even losing a life!  


While boosting you are invincible and this means it’s possible to “cut through the Foo’s body” AKA Slicing.  When you perform a slice, all existing Orbits are extended so if you aren’t going to reach the Bit in time and you are in danger of losing your chain, you always have the option of slicing instead (assuming your Foo is long enough!).   Another reason to consider Slicing is when the Foo becomes too long to control.  However, you get more points the longer your Foo is, so you need to decide whether it’s worth Slicing to make the game easier or keep the Foo long to earn more points.


To earn a higher score you will need to incorporate tricks into your game!  The main trick is “Near Miss” which is awarded when you narrowly avoid colliding with your body.   If you pull this off, all of your Orbits are extended, giving you a few more seconds to reach the next Bit with all of your Orbits intact!  

Another trick is called “Headbutt”.  This is achieved when you successfully manoeuvre the Foo so that the head is “touching” the tail.  If you can keep the position for a certain amount of time, you are awarded the “Headbutt” trick and all your Orbits will extend.

Finally, there is “Straightforward” - for this trick you simply need to make the Foo long enough so that the head is touching the tail when moving in a straight line!   It sounds easy, but is it worth risking a life to try and pull it off?

Bit Types

As well as standard Bits, as you play through The Long Game you will discover new Bit types to keep things interesting:

Mover Bits will move to a random position if you don’t reach them in time and each time they move, the number of points you gain from collecting them dwindles a little.

At certain stages during The Long Game, multiple numbered Order Bits will appear at once and if you don’t collect them in order, they will re-spawn and you will lose a life!

As you make your way through The Long Game and the difficulty ramps up, you will encounter Rock Bits.  They look normal enough at first, but if you don’t reach them within the time limit, they turn SOLID and if you hit a SOLID rock bit you lose a life.  

Some types of Rock Bits will actually mutate if you don’t deal with them quickly enough.  A green Mutator Bit will appear and if you don’t reach it in time, it will mutate again and again.  You can destroy the mutator bit simply by collecting.   

Eleven mini-games to unlock

The Real Long Game

The Long Game consists of 10 specific levels, after which the real long game kicks in (GAME+ mode) where the levels continue indefinitely and the aim is to see how many levels you can beat!

Classic Snake

This is classic snake without any of the new features.  

Classic Snake+

Like Classic Snake except all the bit-types from The Long Game are available.

Lost in Mutation

Rocks are littered throughout the play area and they will mutate and spread.  Try to earn points by collecting bits while at the same time managing the mutation.  TIP: Colliding with the green mutating bits ZAPS the entire mutation!

Move Like Fooger

Bits that move if you don’t reach them in time!  And in this mode that is all you have - many, many mover bits!

Speed Freak

In this mode, your Foo is stuck in Boost mode and you only have one life. How many bits can you collect?

Super Size Foo

Your Foo has suddenly grown into a Super Sized Foo - how well can you navigate the play field when you’re THIS big?

Order By Numbers

In this mode, you must collect bits in order - if you accidentally collect the wrong bit, you lose a life and all the bits re-spawn.   

Foo Practice

Practice your skills without fear of dying or running out of time!  Features become available in practice mode as they are unlocked in The Long Game.

Trick Style

With no Bits in sight and only a few Orbits automatically created at the start of the mode, your only option is to perform tricks to earn points by extending those Orbits!!

Other Features

  • Leaderboards for each mode/difficulty combination using Google Play Game Services.

  • In-game Achievements using Google Play Game Services.

  • In-app purchase to immediately unlock all hidden features and remove ads.

Download Foobit FREE from Google Play!

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“Because while you’re sitting around failing to try, I am out there trying to fail, challenging myself, learning new things and failing as fast as possible.”

Raymmar Tirado

“When you want to succeed as bad you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”

Eric Thomas

Foobit: Speed Freak Released

This release is for those of you who just want a quick burst of addictive game play without needing to play through The Long Game to beat the levels and unlock modes.  

As the name suggests, this is a cut-down version of Foobit, focusing on the Speed Freak mode which is by far the best mode IMO!

The rules are simple.  Try to get as many bits as possible while moving at CRAZY fast speeds!  Oh, and you only have one life and there is no “slicing” so if you collide with your Foo’s body, it’s GAME OVER!  

My best score so far is 330 which I reckon is pretty hard to beat, even if I do say so myself!  

You can download Foobit: Speed Freak now, free from Google Play!

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Foobit 1.1 Released!

This new version has much improved graphics and I have ripped out the old buggy score system and replaced it with Google+ Game Services so now the Leaderboards are far more stable and I’ve included 29 Achievements to collect as an added bonus. 

Overall, the game is far more polished now.  There are many, many improvements so I won’t mention every single one but here are some highlights:

  • Overall, everything looks and feels much better!
  • Boost mechanic improved - it now gradually slows down when you stop boosting which improves the gameplay and ads another angle to the tactics for rising through the zen levels!
  • Brand score system to replace the old (buggy) system.
  • 29 Achievements to find! 
  • Alternative game modes have been given some much needed love and are now far more fun to play!
  • Free version is now ad-supported and you can upgrade to premium via an in-app purchase to remove the ad banner and also automatically unlock all modes and difficulties.

So lots to check out!  In particular, the alternative game modes are now far more polished so give them a try and let me know which one is your favourite.  Speed Freak is mine, but I’m rubbish at it! :-) 

You can download Foobit now, free from Google Play!

Get it on Google Play